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Todd Hamina's twenty-five years of experience farming, making, selling and consulting on World Class wine in Oregon gives him an unparalleled position as a realtor in wine country.

When your decisions to make inspired wine hinges on the ability to select gorgeous vineyard acreage, pick an expert whose wines have been put on the lists of Michelin starred restaurants, the most discerning retail establishments in the country, and have garnered critical acclaim from top critics.  Todd has been a vineyard worker, tractor driver, cellar master, winemaker, sales manager, vineyard manager, general manager, and owner.  

Todd Hamina

He was born in Detroit, Michigan. Todd has lived in Webster, New York; London; Mexico City; Hunan, China; Colorado and Oregon. He is a graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has been married for twenty-three years to the lovely Caroline. They have two kids at university - Georgia (SCAD) and Maine (University of Maine - Orono).  He enjoys cycling, boating and the great outdoors.

Todd knows how to get the job done, and wants to work for you in order to set you on the right track for your World Class wine journey.

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I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart. 

- Vincent Van Gogh